Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Since im going to have another semester down in uniten,i thought so of learning France/German language.Which one do you think suits me?I don’t want to take Japan since I'm going to take another language class after i graduated and I'm thinking of taking Japanese on that time.

Still,there’ll be a little discussion between me and my dad.Hope so he will let me learn language.It’s a motivational boost for me too.To be at uniten and let my brain to think that i still have my FYP2 to complete.

Oh,France or German?France is sexy.German is something new for me.Which one which one?I can’t choose.I just like em both so much!



  1. Blajar french la darling. Baru sexy! German.. ugh. It reminds me of that lecturer. Sape tah.. Uwe? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA..

  2. HAHA.yeahhh~ Uwe Dipple ke apa his name.the bicycle lecturer. :D

    Yeah.tot so of learning French.aw~


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