Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Right now,my life revolves around my best friends,families and my boyfie.Other then that,i just drag them to hell. :) I usually hard to hate someone but i guess i have to hate some of my friends now.With good reasons of course.I don’t hate people without any reasons. XD

Well,I'm still searching for something to do for my FYP.maybe I'm going to drop that current title and make a new one.I’ve already typed down 2,3 titles and have also started to imagine things and most importantly is that I've have started to type down the proposal for my title.I think i want to do a website instead of a courseware.But i have no idea whether a graphic students like me could do websites or not.Perhaps i have to discuss it with my future supervisor. XD

Give me strength to cope with this FYP2 again.I just want it to end soon.Real soon.So that it wont burden me and my family anymore.I just hate it,being the black sheep in my family.But,they don’t know the future yet.And yes,maybe I haven't achieve something now but it is not too late for me to achieve something in the future. :)

I am not dumb.I have brain to think.Maybe my brain is not as good as yours but my heart is.Know what,why should i bother with all these stuff.Hehe.Well,maybe i just wanted to see my friends happy.Maybe my time will come eventually.It will come.

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