Monday, June 22, 2009

The Mysterious Man

I have been reading Top Gear Malaysia Magazines (TGMM) and seen its TV show since last year.Yeah quite recently.Because I used to hate auto magazines because it is full with girls half naked pictures,posing here and there at the car.It’s so mencacatkan,ok.I don’t know why people still buy or even read that kinda magazines.Maybe because it is 2-in-1?The guys especially.Can see the car’s picture and those skimpy-jinjang-looking-half naked-girls?Two things in one?Perhaps.I don’t know.Haha.

So,since im a big fan of auto cars,I read TGMM and keep searching and learning about cars.My mind still can’t keep guessing who the hell is this mysterious man who works with Top Gear,The Stig.Yeah we could see this white coated guy through both magazines and TV show of Top Gear but still,people never know who is that guy.I am insanely wanted to know.Searched for it before but did found nothing.

I have once read about this guy.He is the god of driving cars.He could drive mostly everything!Concept cars to some stupid looking cars.Even lorries!And he had some pretty amazing life as well which i couldn't remember what.He never knew what is a stapler before which i find kinda pathetic.Sad sad Stig. ;p

But still,he’s famous.Just with his driving skills and his unveiled identity,right now he is one of the well known person in auto cars industry.

The Stig,im begging please do not reveal your identity.Please let it be this way. :)




  1. aik. bkn the whole world dh tau ke who he is? Teehee~~

  2. It's a scam rasanya.hehe.It's not Schumacher.hope so it's not him.

  3. yea.. surely its not him la tu. hikhik


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