Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Olympus PEN Series Camera

OMG!I just saw this cool SLR camera!Olympus made it! *one of my dad's fave camera company* It is the Olympus PEN Series E-P1.It looks like a compact digital camera BUT with the function of DSLR!Hehe.Yeah it does have all the controls that DSLR have.Even the lens are interchangeable and it is super lightweight!You can keep it inside your handbegs *for girls* or sling bags *for guys* and still you could get the image quality as same as DSLR!



But still,i think people would prefer to choose that bulky DSLR instead because of the 'trend' that they have now.But I think i'll choose this PEN instead!Love it love it love it!Hope so it is affordable because i am so wanting this for my birthday!haha.well,if it's much more expensive then the bulky DSLR,i just have to wait till i could get my own money and i'll buy E-P1 for myself!

More info on PEN Series E-P1 -> Olympus PEN E-P1

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