Monday, June 15, 2009

Today (15.06.2009)

Today,I woke up at around smsed me and I terjaga.hehe.tak pe.infact i should be waking up by that time anyway.Because my cousin and her bf nak datang.Hehe.Then,pi mandi and everything.Just after i took my bath,when i went out from my dressing room,i heard a very familiar voices.she’s here.i mean,my cousin’s here!I shouted ‘uuuiitttttttt~~~’ from upstairs.and then she replied back ‘uitttt~’ haha.we were always like and laughing like mad.she’s my closest cousin,from kedah side of the family.

Then,I went down.sembang2 sikit and then my mum hidang the pajeri nenas.hehe.i like!!But my mum said i makan nanti.bagi my cousin and her bf makan dulu.isk~ :( tak pe lah kan.they are the guests,before they went to eat.I took these pictures.hehe.


*The Foods that my mum cooks!*


*Me and my great cousin!!*


*aha.Yunus doing some stupid faces!*


*Ehe.Mithali la tu konon~~*

Then,they stayed up until nearly 4pm.In that time,we were watching TV and keep saying about Yusri being gay and how me and ano (my cousin ni la.i call her ano) were trying to find Farid Kamil’s house back in kedah during raya but then we gave up and went to TESCO instead.hahahaha.what a funny story to remember back. XD

Then,after that i showed to them the cake shop that my mum loves.It is situated at the Plaza Putra near my house.and i drove to desa parkcity.Jalan2 je tunjuk kat derang the place.hehe.then,i picked up Zati.because actually i need to see her today.then,send ano and her bf (yunus) back at my home,i went out with Zati.

Our first stop was at the Cats Whiskers DP.hehe.zati told me Cats skarang banyak stock baru and banyak dresses yang sangat cantik!So,aku pun cam ‘oh?ye ke?jom jom jom!!’ haha.I think i’ve tried for like 6-7 dresses.siap 3G with my boyfie,tanya his opinion and everything.haha.he gives such a ‘good’ opinion.hahaha.thank’s sayang for your opinion yang sangat ikhlas.haha. :P i bought one dress.they told me it’s beautiful and yeah i think so too.hehe.

So,after cats,we went to OU.ate at BBQ chicken and then i bought the stuff to do the pie for amin.oh yeah,i’ll be meeting amin’s the pics at BBQ Chicken.

P6152302 P6152303 P6152309

*This is Jerk Chicken.Yes.Its on the menu*


So,basically that’s what happened today. :) oh yeah,pardon the language and vocab and everything in this typing this while im having some great headache.hurm.

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