Monday, June 22, 2009

Urbanscapes 2009

What I want to see/hear at Urbanscapes 2009 are

The XPAX Lawn:

  • The Times
  • Yuna
  • Pesawat
  • Gerhana Ska Cinta

The Box

  • Rendra Zawawi
  • The Sofa Sessions
  • Fono

The Cinescapes Stage

  • Gadoh
  • Anak Halal

The Sunset Disco

  • John Fishdot


  • Most probably anything and everything! :P


  • Filmmakers Anonymous

Street Perfomances

  • KL Stompers
  • The ComingBackKings
  • RPT

TiC Zone

  • All of them!!!!!!!! :D

XPAX Marketplace

  • Absolutely all of them as well!! :D

P/S:I know I can’t watch/listen to all of these but just to make sure it worth the pay,i’ll try to accomplish at least 80% of it! :)


  1. Hi Anfaal =)

    Found ur blog through the shoutbox at Urbanscapes website.

    I was wondering, the ticket is for what?

    BADGER said that the marketplace doesnt need the ticket to access to the area.

    The other events located in the building and it need the ticket to get in?

    Sorry for asking too much. Hope you could help me ;)


  2. Hey Saffa!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. ;)

    Well,the ticket is for everything you want to see or hear at Urbanscapes.

    Yes,only the XPAX Marketplace is FOC to enter (because it is outside the building) but if let say you want to see someone's performing, ie like mine,i want to see John Fishdot's performs,you'll need a ticket to do that so and yeap,the performing events are located in the building and it need tickets to enter. :)

    No need to sorry. ;)

    Have a great day!Guess i'll be seeing you at Urbanscapes then.hehe

  3. Owh. Okay! Thanks Anfaal! =)

    My blog:

    P/s: You should allow "Name & Url". Senang sikit nak comment. :P

    Have a great day too!

  4. Saffa: Thanks for the suggestion! :) hehe.

    Shamsul:Then i'll be seeing you there! :) Don't forget to say hi to me later.hehe

  5. hi boley tak saye ajak awak pegi urbanscapes?? ala, macam dating2 gitu.. hihi~ if u dun mind la..

  6. hehe.bukan memang saya pergi dengan awak ke?hurm~

  7. dee.. tix tak beli lagi. huhu.
    harap2 this week boleh beli.
    tak sabar nak shopping. hahah.

  8. Haaa...tu la syu~ ishh.
    syu nak beli kat mana?hihi.
    ain join skali tak?

  9. ain join skali. syu beli esok kot kt gardens since sane yg dkt. haha.

    -ni syu. mls nk sign in account sendirik. hihi


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