Saturday, July 25, 2009

Bagan Seafood

Oh oh harini sungguh penat!Tak terkata penatnya.Tapi still worth it lah kot.Ok at first i went to Uniten.Nak jumpa my supervisor around 12pm.Then i tot lama tengok2 skejap je.Cik Masyura cakap i have to change a little bit here and there.She even showed me the previous project done by the previous student.a i have a little rambling in mind about the interfaces and all.Ah.It’s too early to talk about that.I want to free my mind from my FYP2 for a while. ;p Then after met with Cik Masyura, I waited for Qila to arrive to uniten.She had to drop down the PTPTN form and submit the appeal letter to the Academic Dept.Since she arrived like around 1.45pm,the admin office is close due to the Friday Prayers and all,we went to Mines to eat our lunch first.

Lepas lunch tu,we met with my cousin at Secret Recipe and then Qila wanted to buy something from Giant so we went to Giant.After that,we drove straight back to uniten,to the Registrar Office.The PTPTN form went to smoothly. (bukan kena buat ape pun,just submit je) but the appeal letter buat hal.Tiba2 akak tu kata dah tak boleh nak add the subject dah.Payah.Last week kata boleh,kena buat letter.Ni dah buat letter kata tak boleh nak add pulak.Susah2 jumpe je En. Zul tu Qila oi.Akak kaunter tu kurang ajar.Menyampah aku tengok muka dia.Harap baju je lawa.Now i don’t think her baju was lawa anymore.haha :P

Lepas g uniten,i went to BB.Nak fetch Mala and Sue.My friends from Singapore.Actually this is our first time meeting each other.hehe.Lepas amik derang,i went straight to Denai Alam.Amik my Irfan there.He was supposed to drive us to Klang.Taman Sri Andalas.Rumah kak Liza.We are meeting kak Liza Hanim.Since she gave birth to her newly daughter yang dah 4 months old (nearly).Dah ontheway tu sesat pulak kan~ masing2 memang tak arif jalan kat klang…sah sah lah semua tak tau.Siap kuar GPS lagi baru dapat jumpa jalan.haha.kesian betul ktorang.Alih2,jumpa pun rumah kak Liza. ;) Duduk2 skejap,then lepas maghrib tu terus ke Bagan Seafood.makan!!Time ni,Irfan dengan abang kak Liza main ‘lawan2’ makan plak kan..hehe.tak pe sayang,makan je.kalau gatai sebab makan udang banyak,nanti kita pi klinik ok. :)

Gambar ada kat kamera Mala sumenya.Tunggu la dia upload nanti saya upload sini.  ;) Dah penat dah ni.haha.satu hari berjalan.Lepas makan kat Bagan tu balik umah Irfan,tuka keta then hantar Mala and Sue at Pudu.Then lepas tu baru i balik rumah~ Memang jalan2 cari makan.haha. :P


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