Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Degung Sunda

OMG!For the past 4 years i’ve been searching for these songs and finally,FINALLY i’ve found it!!YAY!I still can’t believe it!I found the songs that i’ve been searching for.It is just a matter of one word which is ‘Degung’. Oh God.Thank you so much for giving me the courage to actually search for these songs.I love it.I love traditional songs.

Degung Sunda is a traditional song from the Sunda province,in Indonesia.It involves ‘seruling’ *which I love the most* and ‘gendang’ altogether with caklempong and mixture of other gamelan’s instruments.It is slower then gamelan and softer then gamelan.I love this kind of song so much!!!!!

Now im downloading the songs.All of it if i can! :)

Will post one example of the song inside anfaal Tumblr. ;)

p/s: Yeah.Im lame.I like traditional songs.I like gamelan.I like old stuff.But do i have a problem with you?I don’t think so.so,thank you. ;)

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