Saturday, July 11, 2009

Does anyone care?

Do we care about the people around us?Let it be the people that we love or perhaps just a stranger.Do we care that much?I care about my friends.I care about them more then i care about my own self.That is important to me,friends.Without them,im nothing.Nada.Zero.

That is why,I’m sort of like a ‘Pak Turut’ to them.Hehe.It is because i don’t want to hurt their feelings.Never in my life,I want to actually hurt their heart.I just can’t do it.I rather hurt mine then them.

But now,i think i hurt myself even deeper.I can’t stand it anymore so that is why I’m typing this,sort of like,letting myself go.

I am hurting,deep inside.But still i could smile. :)


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