Saturday, July 18, 2009


Oh I'm having my episodic day today.Actually,it started 2,3 days ago.Not knowing how,when,what and WTF so ever.And all i know is that i want to get mad at someone and punch ‘em so hard until they die. *they referring to no body here in particular* I have no idea why i am like this.Is it because I’m too patience over such things happening in my life right now.Is it that I’m tense over my FYP thing *even though it just started,the new semester just started for me* and then it could actually made me breaking into pieces?

Im tense,I could cry easily right now,like NOW.

Today I watched Ice Aged.Hehe.I love the Laughing Gas part.LOL.That one is surely funny.HAHA :P At least there’s one thing that could actually made me laugh hysterically besides Irfan being by my side.Like,totally depends on him now for everything.My moods,my eating habits,my life,my love,my heartbreaker and even my heartbroken,my argue partner,my EVERYTHING. Love you,sayang.


How am I going to overcome my episodic days?I don’t want to live yet another episodic day tomorrow.I hate this feeling.It burdens me,a lot.


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