Thursday, July 9, 2009


Last night I camp out at Mas’s house.Hehe.It was a no-no for me at first but then i got the green light to have a sleepover at her house.YAY!So,she picked me up at around 2pm yesterday.And then drove to the curve.I ate at IKEA and then Fau came by.She was not in the mood.Maybe she’s tired.Class coming in and out and the thing happen.So,she’s a little bit tired. :) Besides,she needs to get away from curve at 4pm to some workshop.So,left me and Mas.Just the two of us.Went went to Cats Whiskers after that.Then,Irfan called.We had some jogging thing going on today actually. :D So,I asked him to wait at Mass’ house while Mas and I are on the way to the same direction.

We arrived both kinda at the same time.While me and Mas went inside the house,change our clothes and then went back down.We went on a ride inside Cayenne.Mas topup her TouchNGo card just for the sake of wanted to test Cayenne’s top speed.But we choose the wrong time instead.It was around 4.45pm i think.So,loadsa cars on the road.People went back home after a long long long day at work. :) After testing the car,we went to Kiara Park.We had fun.Not jogging but laughing at the people around.LOL.We walked one circle and then sat down,see people from afar. :P Oh yeah we bought soya drinks too.


Then,went back to Mass’ home,Irfan went back home because he had some mengaji to do.Me and Mas are getting ready to go out for dinner.We went to Hartamas Square.Both ordered the same food an drinks.haha.Rosti with German Sausage and Ice tea. :D After dinner,went back home,watched the movie Another Boleyn Girl and then sleep! XD


I had fun!So much fun!Thanks Mas!I’ll be missing you.Eh,aku lupa nak amik video Fau Fish Spa tu lagi. :( Bila boleh amik ye?Adeh la~

Oh ye,The Times ada kat Laundry Bar but don’t know when.I hope it is NOT tomorrow.AaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAA~~~~~~~~


  1. i gonna miss u too =(.cuma tinggal hari ni n esok je nk hang out ngan korang.jom2!

  2. Tu lah~~ aaaa.... jom jom jom~ Fau harini ada kelas sampai petang tu.hihi.Intan kat mana?PD lagi ke?


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