Monday, July 6, 2009


It is hard.When you know,your privacy has been violated.It is even hard to actually have privacy anymore, once you feel like you have been violated by someone.I am terrible at some point,which is lying.Eventually,people will know that I'm lying.Orang kata ‘dah lah tak ada privasi,pulak dah tak reti menipu.kesiannya?’ ye ke macam tu?i don’t even know myself. :S

Thank God I'm a free spirited person.I don't care what is going to be happening to me.I just care about people who cares about me.I don’t care myself.I even hate myself at some point,which i don’t know why.

Yeah.No more privacy anymore for me.Thank you for taking it all from me.That was my last ones.Hope I could just rotten and die.I like it that way.It’s better.

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