Sunday, July 26, 2009

I do not know.

I have some problems trying to convey my problems to other people,especially to him.I have no idea why though.Maybe I’m just being a ‘play-safe’ kind of girl here.I’ve told him before,I don’t tell my problems to others.And I was hoping he will respect that.But then it seems like there’s this one issue.He’s my bf and i do have to tell my problems to him.I think,i choose what kind of problems that i want to tell or not tell.You too have some kind of problems that you haven’t told me yet.Don’t think that i can’t remember that.It is just that i respect your privacy.I respect you.If you don’t want to tell then i won’t force you.

It is just that, I’ve asked,I’ve dreamed way too much and now i won’t ask for anything ever again.I just want to go with the flow.Let the life takes me where ever it may take me.As simple as that.

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  1. "Diaorg" expect kita citer semua benda kat "diaorg" tapi "diaorg" sendiri x nak cite kat kita..jadi buat apa kita nk bercerita klau org kat sana tu pun x bercerita ngan kita kan.x fair la!!Betul x,dee?kan?kan? =)


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