Saturday, July 4, 2009


Have you ever promised someone and then broke it?I know you did.I did too,apparently.Hey, we are human being and we do break the rules sometime.Breaking promises is one thing.Meaning that we do have to lie.This is totally make sense now.People who lie,do break promises.

I have been breaking promises before.But now,I seldom promises and then I seldom breaks it. :) Except for this one poor woman whom I always brake my promises too.Her name is Siew P.My ‘Cats’ friends will know who is this woman.Sorry maam.I did not mean too. :(

Well,apart from that,I’ve been the victim too.I’ve been the victim of ‘breaking-the-promises’ disease.And I bet everyone too have been the victim of this disease.It is kinda frustrating,right? :)

But all I can do is just hold my head up high and smile! :)

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