Friday, July 31, 2009

Last minute.

Oh oh it seems like im not going to Petrosains tomorrow.Hurm hurm.Last minute changing plans.It has been postponed to some other time that i have no idea when.But it’s ok.Time will tell when. :) And my sunday plans to go and get my reservations from Syu also ruined.Irfan has to work at 4.30pm that day.Sunday.Yes.He has to work.It was supposed to be our day kononnya but then he has to work.I can’t say much.Just nod and smile. ;) I don’t have the authority to even say no.The decision has been made after all right?What can i do?Hurm.It is the ‘my-planned-is-being-ruined’ week for me?


  1. did a little update on my blog.. and im using and my welcome page and I closed and am now using for good.. sorry changing here and there..

  2. I will change the link. :) Thanks for letting me know!


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