Thursday, July 30, 2009

Oh oh hectic week! :D

Oh yeah im going to have a very hectic week starting from this monday up to this sunday.But actually im looking forward for this saturday as me and Irfan all together with Asyraf and Naquib will be visiting Petrosains and PC Fair at KLCC (At least it was in the plan).And sunday is the wedding day day. :D My school friend weds his wife on this sunday (dah jadi wife sebab dah akad dah minggu lepas kot) And today….im going present hunting for him!with zatie!yay.best2.nearly one month we haven’t meet!So much to talk about and bitch Friday,i have to go to Uniten again.To show the progress of what i did for this week. :)

Yesterday i did cooked carbonara for Irfan and family.Yum yum they said. :P Haha.Asyraf helped me together with auntie Shima,Irfan’s mom.The three of us,busying ourselves at the kitchen,cooking the pasta.After this,our mission is to bake orange cake and jam tart. XD can’t wait!And Irfan bought me to this one dinner at Bagan seafood (AGAIN!) with his officemates.Met with some of his office friends and boss and manager.They were all alright. :)

……Searching for the pastry of tart recipe. :)

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