Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Once upon a time in Benwell,Newcastle Upon Tyne…

I used to live here.In Benwell.And today only i know that this place is being demolish.OMG.How sad it is. :( It made me cry.Because I used to live there.Maybe yeah,for about a year and a half only but still,i do have some pretty good memories there.Yes,it was Benwell where i got my first education in my whole entire life.I started schooling there.In Canning Street Primary School.It used to be a very scary place to live back then.Oh,this is so frustrating.Really it could made me cry now.It was once upon a time in Benwell….Good Bye,Benwell.You will always be in my heart.

08-07-01 Old Benwell (40)r 08-07-01 Old Benwell (32)r 08-07-08 Old Benwell (9)r

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