Tuesday, July 14, 2009


“He used to be a playboy but now he has retire because he does not have the strength anymore.Or maybe he does not have the guts anymore.Or maybe he fell in love,so deeply until he can’t even look at other girls except for this one beautiful girl that has caught his heart.Yes.I think the last sentence is true.He has fallen out of love and retire himself as a playboy.He used to look at other beautiful girls.And try to be friend with them.He will try to get their numbers or Yahoo! id or even MSN id.Just to be able to chat or mingle around with them.But now,the only Yahoo! id he has and will remember is the girl that has caught his eyes on.He lives every second of his life,breathing only for this girl and each night he sleeps,he dreams about this girl.He thinks and do everything for this girl.This is the girl of his dream.And he’s planning to marry this girl,to show that he has failed to become a playboy again.He does not want to be a playboy anymore.As he now loves the only one girl that caught his eyes and heart on.”



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