Monday, July 13, 2009

The poppy took my baby away from me..

‘The poppy took my baby away from me..’ That was one bite of a lyric from Zee Avi.Try to listen to that song.It has some pretty amazing lyrics there.Funny but then sarcastic and a little bit of angry.But then I'm not going to talk about drugs here.I don't do drugs.I only take drugs with Dr. prescription.Meaning,medicine only.Itu pun macam malas jugak mau makan.haha. ;p

Oh yeah.I have to go to Uniten tomorrow.So my uniten’s friends.Jom lah lepak makan lunch skali esok.haha.Ape2 aku call korang lah ye. :) Called Qila just now,she’s working at Mesiniaga at Subang.Wow.I think,now it only left me,sitting here at home.But then,my mum told me to stay at home and do my FYP2 then after grad only i will find a job.Yay! :D Thank you mummy for understand the situation that I've been through.haha.Actually,i want to work.I want to work so badly until i did not get any of the job that I've applied before.Yes,i did go to some interviews and some of it i got called for second interview and even a training but then,i don’t think that i want to work now.I rather work as a tuition teacher *more like a sister teaching her little brother to me* then work in some place that i don’t like.I like it this way.I like my way of working now. :)

The poppy took my baby away from me~ lala.The money took myself away from me~~ haha.No,im not money driven people.I don’t do things just because of the money.Fuh~ thank God kan sayang?I tak memilih bulu sangat.Tapi u la kena kerja keras,ingat 25th years old i bukak braces then after that mami nak ape…hahahah. :P

Love you,nyet.

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