Saturday, July 11, 2009

Random please

Do you like being random?It seems like you are crazy when you are random.Yeah.Like,you change your mind so quickly until you just didn’t realize you are doing it.I don’t like random thoughts.The only random things that I like is my playlists.I love to randomize my songs or in other words,shuffle.I put on a shuffle mode when I listen to my iTunes.Love it.I can’t wait for the next song to play.Sometimes,i haven’t heard that song for quite some time.

But,people who have random minds,are crazy.I don’t think one people can stand random people.They keep changing plans and hard for them to stick to one decision.Like songs,when you are in the shuffle mode,it will shuffle the songs no matter what the genre is.It could be rock at first and then ballad then RnB and then metal and what so ever kind of songs that you have in your playlist.It is random,so the mood changes.

Go away random people.I hate you.


  1. random ppl best apa?boleh maki diorang bila diorang jadi random.err that didnt sound right.

  2. Best sebab boleh maki saja aaa.haha.selain dari tu bikin aku naik darah saja. :P

    Tak elok tensen je weh.aku tak nak buang masa aku tensen dengan orang random ni.


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