Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Second Degree?Short Courses?

Hi all.Just now my mom told me NOT to work after i have finished my Degree this year.Ugh.But actually she did read my mind.Haha.I hate office work.So much.She’s suggesting me to take short courses in culinary arts.Another mind reading perhaps?I love baking but never thought of taking it seriously.She asked me to open up a bakery business after this.That one i can see coming.haha.Since i hate office work so much,i thought that if i work by myself,which is im the boss,im the worker (or i pay the workers when i can pay for one) it’ll be more easier.But people saying,business is not a play-play situation here.It involves money.REAL money,being given to you by hand not cheque or bank-in system.I might have to think about that deeply.Think deeply.Think deeeeeeeepppppllyyyyyyyy Anfaalllll……

I am in the mood for learning now.Not actually working,yet.I’ve searched for college application.Segi and KDU at the moment.KDU yes,they offered the short courses for culinary arts.As for Segi,if i really want to bang my head up and study for Masters,maybe i’ll go to Segi instead.Taking Business Admin perhaps.But in KDU they offered Master of Science in Business Information Technology.Wait.Am i going to venture into IT again?Can i cope with that?Yes.As long as it does not involve graphics doing and i only have to read and search for information then it’s ok. :) Besides it only takes 12 months for a full time student to finish the master study.I can cope with that.It is not that im going to get married or have kids in 12months time pun.Nothing can stop me from learning.Going to classes and be a student. (Silap2 aku study sampai PHD kang.tak nak kerja punya pasal.HAHA)

Wah~ I’m still a student after all.A senior student.Learning is fun.Can’t you see that?You’ll be missing going to class and all when you are working.Yes you will. :)


  1. KDU KDU KDU KDU KDU!! wii~ sukasukasukasuka.. haha~

  2. Hahahahaha.KDU saje dia suruh.Alah nanti bila saye kat KDU,kamu dah habis study sana dah.kecuali kamu nak sambung master kat KDU.ada ke? ;p

    Hahahahahahahaha...Curtin Perth,ok..bukan curtin sarawak..weh..weh...kat sini pun ada buat culinary arts,x tau bape lama,tapi kejap je la..dkt TAFE..kau google la..dia punya fees pun murah banding ngan lain.mai blaja sini laaa.hahahahaha..=)

  4. Hhahahahahahaha..dah perang college plak dahhhh..adehhh...makin pening aku kali ni weh.haha :D


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