Friday, July 10, 2009

So many so little time

I have so many things in mind.Sometimes,i could get very moody when things don't go my way.When I have planned it but then something comes up and that plan is ruined.Ugh.But then,I think i could handle that by playing FB.But~ i don't have the mood to play my FB.In fact,I just hate my FB for now.I think i need an ice cream.McD ones.Need it really badly.Or perhaps,curry maggi?HAHA. :P See,my mood changes each time.It’s rapidly changing and I think I'm starting to hate myself,again.


  1. Although you hate your FB right know, still you accepted my friend request. Thank you. Appreciated!

  2. Sofian.I hate my FB for some unexplainable reason.But i do love my friends there. :)


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