Sunday, July 12, 2009

Uncle & Dentist

I went to my uncle’s clinic today.He’s a dentist.Went there with my mum and dad (of course who else.).His clinic is at Melawati.Near the Giant there.Beside Hari-Hari Gudang Pakaian.His clinic’s name is Hazwan&Alia Dental Surgery.It’s his children's name. :)

So,arrived there at around 3pm.Registered myself and then waited for my turn.I’m not that nervous since he’s my uncle and i know that he won’t hurt me in any way.I’ve been his patient before and he treats me before so i know how he works.My problem is that I'm clenching.When I’m sleeping,i clench my teeth and that could disturb anyone who sleeps with me and that person could be my husband in the future-lah kan?hehe.So,Uncle Amri (the dentist) told my mum that the clenching can cure by itself.It does not involve me looking at the computer 24/,or my eyes or my neck or what other theories that my mum have made up by herself.Thank God she’s wrong. :D Uncle told us (me and my mum) that this happen because I’m tense.It is because of the brain.I think way tooooooooo much it tenses me.

So,my mum and I and uncle decided to make this one plastic thing that is needed for me to put it inside my mouth when I want to sleep at night.Uncle got my teeth structure by having this one gummy thingy,stick onto my teeth.That taste yuk.Even though it tastes like mint but in my mind i keep thinking that I actually had some Play-Doh stuck inside my mouth.Yukyukyuk!

That plastic thing will be ready in one week.And oh yeah,now my uncle can do braces as well.I’m getting one after Hari Raya Aidilfitri.A perfect timing for me to lose weight perhaps? :P

P/S: My teeth are OK.Yay!It is in a good condition.No cracks,no plaque.Im quite impressed.Maybe because I don’t eat that much.LOL


  1. hehe, nanti bb nampak kiut plak bile pakai braces.. ngee~ hehe, jgn fkiss tergigit lidah saya sudah.. haha hurm2, bley fkiss awak tak?? lala~

  2. hehe.kaler pink ka? :P lol. adeh la kiut ke?dah la tak cukup gigi taring kat bawah.hahaa.kesian~ cacat rupanya bb ni.

    fkiss kamu?haha..nak ke nak ke nak ke? :P

  3. Oh. I clench my teeth too when I sleep. X tau pula its a big problem. HAHA.

    Good luck with the braces. My time was waaayyy over. Its all worth the pain baybeh! No beauty without pain! Teehee~~

  4. K Nysa ;

    ehe.well well it wasnt that big of a problem.biasalah.mak mak ni dia kan suka create big problems.even my uncle pun cakap it will eventually cure by itself. :)

    Yeah.your days were way back then.mine next! :P


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