Friday, July 10, 2009

What dreams are made of?

I kept my iTunes shuffling to the songs inside my song list and it played this one song that i haven’t heard for quite a long time i guess.I used to love this song even though it is just 1.42mins of a song.The intro is so magic to me with piano playing together with an orchestra adding the extra magical in it.The lyrics are beautiful and the voices *Even though it is just Hillary Duff,who’s just starting to be in the singing biz at that time and Yani Gellman who played the role as Paolo,the Rome singer* are just spectacular.

Have you ever seen such a beautiful night?
I could almost kiss the stars, for shining so bright
When I see you smiling, I go-oh oh ohh
I would never want to miss this
cause in my heart, I know what this is
Hey now Hey now
This is what dreams are made of
This is what dreams are made of
I've got somewhere I belong
I've got somebody to love
This is what dreams are made of

The lyric to the song.Try to listen to it.I know it may not be the best song ever but then i could fell in love with this song instantly.Not sure bout you tho. :)

I used to dream about love before.Dreaming of what will it be when i fall in love.At that time *this song is being produced back in 2003.I was in form 5 and had no boyfriend what-so-ever* i was dreaming about who is going to be the love of my life?How does it feel to fall in love?Does it always be about happiness?Will it be any sadness? :) But now,i could say that love is a really complicated stuff.If you are not ready,just don’t.The thing is,you have to be committed 1001% of your self,day,night,life,friends,families,hobbies,things that you love to do,and more to the one you love.Do not be afraid to try to fall in love.You’ll gained experience and thus, you’ll have memories that will last forever in your mind and heart.Tho it is the most bitter ones. :)

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