Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Accident & Savvy Orange.

Oh.It was a disasterrrrr (Happy Slip style :P ) Met with an accident today at kampung subang.Not me actually.Irfan’s.Not that bad pun tapi still the impact was kinda big.haha.His car’s side mirror banged with a proton savvy’s side mirror.Irfan’s ones was torn out but still can be use.Only the mirror broke and the cover broke out.That stupid Orange Savvy.She ran away.Was afraid perhaps.So,did not manage to get her car plate number.Duh.It’s ok.I know she lives nearby Kampung Subang.Dear Orange Savvy owner and Pak Din *Who the heck is Pak Din?Well,he’s the person that the girl’s mum wanted to call after the accident.* , be very afraid.Don’t let me caught seeing you around Kampung Subang,Denai Alam or Bukit Subang.You’ll be dead.Hehe. XD You are going to live your life afraid of driving after this i swear to you.

P/S: Tu lah kalau jalan tu sempit tapi masih muat 2 kereta,jangan nak blagak bawak kereta macam jalan mak bapak ko bayar.Bawak ketengah jalan macam sial.Dan kalau dah tau jalan tu macam agak sempit,tak payah la nak bawak laju2 lagi.

Pengajaran kepada orang2 lain. :)


  1. Argh.I am so mad at that minah savvy.

  2. Sorry to hear about your experience. It could happen to anybody. I live around that area too. Probably I can alert all my 'geng gedebe' to look for that minah in the orange savvy.

  3. Oh thanks Dr Sam! Yeah.It was a minah in orange savvy.It was so rude of her to not to even stop and see what happen to our car.We are not going to cari gaduh.It is just that we want her to know that it is her resposibility and she was the one who did that to our car side mirror. :)

    Btw,what is 'geng gedebe'?Hehe.


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