Monday, August 10, 2009


Oh damn.After I met with Irfan today,send him back home and then left me,Vana and Prakash in the car, we went jalan-jalan at KD area.Then suddenly there’s this RAWRS that will catches your ears instantly!And people knows how i LOVE cars so much, aku pun mencari dari mana datangnya bunyi mengancam tu. Prakash saw it first and thought it was a BMW.And i saw the rear of the car,if it’s BMW it looks like BMW ci (coupe injected).Then,when we came closer and closer to the damn car..we were all stunted.It was the Maserati GranTurismo!Fak!That car was so damn HOT and SEXY and can RAWRS like a lion!!!!!!!Sheetttt!!!It was white in color and goes like 100km/j in 0-4sec i guess. (it is just a guess ok guys.haha.sebab i malas nak search for the right fact.)

Oh oh oh oh oh.Why do that car have to be infront of my car just now?why why why must the traffic light turns red and let me be at the rear of the car?Now i can’t sleep.hahahaha.


*This sexy baby.i could lick it and make love to it.Seriously!HAHA*


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