Thursday, August 6, 2009

Happy Birthday to me! XD

I have had the simplest birthday ever.And actually,from all the obstacles and some emergencies, I actually love my birthday because it is so unplanned and i do not have to do everything on my own like the years i only have to ask, ‘sayang,nak g mana lepas ni?’ , ‘sayang,nak buat ape lepas ni?’ because he has everything in mind and i don’t have to think about anything.all i have to do is just follow him. :)

I have my early birthday present from my mum and dad.and what a girl like me wants more then CASH/ mum did asked me what did i want for my birthday.and i said i want to buy an iPod earphone that costs rm119.she then told me she’d give me rm200 for my birthday. ‘Cukup lah.’, she said in humour.haha.but then i got more then that for sure. ;p some more i have the new RM50 notes from my dad.Thanks mum and dad. :)


*The new RM50*

Then today,i have my ‘present’ at around 1pm.Irfan arrived at my home.He is my present.I don’t need anything anymore.I just need his presence only to be my present.Oh yes,he did ask for a leave today from work a long time ago.How sweet of him.Thanks for coming sayang. :)

After that we went to KLCC, registering myself,opening an account at Maybank.I owned a debit card now.Yay! (kechoh). Then we went out from KLCC,went to One Utama.Eat Chillis then some emergency happens,so we went home.


*Maybankard.But this one is not mine :P*

Oh yeah,what did Irfan gave me?He gave me his one full day attention.That is his treats.And a dinner at Chillis,of course. ;) My fave White Chocolate Molten Cake is my birthday cake afterall.haha. XD We had so much fun,kutuking people.I love simple birthday.Thanks sayang for everything! :)

I have the pictures inside Irfan’s hp.Later i will ask him to upload into his FB account! :)


  1. really is the best present that parents can give us.

  2. Haha.yeap.Cash.easy and it could make us happy! :D

  3. Happy belated birthday to you. glad that you enjoyed your auspicious day with someone special.


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