Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Letting my past go.

Know what,I have no difficulties of letting my hurtful past goes by.In fact,I want it to be gone.Why do we need to remember the past?Even though it is as sweet as honey,but still it is in the past.And nothing can change that for sure.I am glad,I am way beyond letting my past go.I have already forgotten my past.The certain ones I mean.Like what happened last Ramadhan.Although it is sweet,but still I want to forget about that.I don’t want to know or even think about it ever again.But if I said I didn’t think about it, penipu lah aku kan? Sometimes it just slips through my thoughts.And then I tend to bring up the memories again.The memories of Section 15,that guy and my friends.The memories of FREEDOM from him and memories of being with my close friends without me have to tell that one person. *Kena report la kiranya.haha*

But then,why must I remember all of these stuff?It’s not important to me anymore.Since we all have our own lives now,so I am glad we are in our own different path.But with one same past. :) I have met my sayang.’that guy’ is still single and flirting with girls.That one person has already found his new girl (or is it GIRLS?) I have no idea and I don’t want to know. :) The friends,some of them are gone now.I am not happy with that but still life must go on.I am glad,at least one of my friend has already gotten his job.Will be starting his job in September (Maybe). Good Luck,Azim.And my Sect 15 friends (they won’t probably read my blog anyway), I kinda miss you guys.Your craziness.Koru and her bf Nik,Along Aishah,Anny and her bf Adrin the pilot.Oh how I miss you guys so much.Perhaps this coming Raya i’ll be visiting Anny’s house at Alor Setar. :) Have to make her a call.But she is still in my past now.They are in my past.We shared the same past.And I am glad I shared my past with them.It is hard to find such a great friend back then and they accepted me to be part of their clan just in an instance!So thanks a million guys.I miss the early morning YM chatting after met at sect 15.The early YM session after sahur.haha.I miss the karaoke session.Where I kept my singing skills up until nearly the last song which I sang ‘If I Ain’t Got You’ by Alicia Keys.I miss the berbuka puasa at Limau Nipis. :) Still got the pictures of that moment.

Oh,the past is just a past.We have to live our life for the present and the future.I am glad,I met with Irfan.Although the first time he came to my house from KDU was just to pass me the WM Cupcakes,and that was the first time he called me as well,asking for the direction for my house.He bought me cupcakes,kinda expensive.Thanks sayang,for having the guts to come to my house and give me that cupcakes.If not otherwise,we wouldn’t be together.You make the first move.After being pushed by Jimo and Redha perhaps?haha. :D Kidding.Well,Love you now and the future. <3



*My Present and Future.Him.Ariff Irfan*


  1. babe,u r most welcomed to my house ok,x kisah raya or not :-).i hope u n i will always remain friends no matter what happens in our lives.:-)..*HUGS*..i dah nk convo on on aug,18.dtg laa...choc,flowers and teddy bears wud be ok..hahaha...keep on smiling pweetty babe!

    p/s:dah lama jadi ur silent reader.hihihih


  2. Wah! Anny! :D I never tot u read my u are not my silent reader anymore lah.hehe :) Thanks for reading my lousy blog ni.haha.but yeah,miss you guys lah.

    konvo on aug 18th?yay!insyaAllah i'll try to come.hehe.choc and teddy bears?kalau combine both?lol.



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