Sunday, August 9, 2009


I can be very mean at times.Please do not think that i’ll be good all the times.I am a human being.I have feelings.And i just won’t let my feelings down in anyway.If it’s down,i’ll try to cheer it up again.Perhaps my friends could do the honour for that.But then,I’ve lost some of my greatest friends around.Still,i don’t mind.Am i that mean?I don’t know.But when im mean,i do get really mean.Like,really really really mean.I will argue every single thing and i want to win all the times!If i did not win in an arguments, i’ll tend do keep silence and keep it all inside until the bomb come bursts again.Revenge is me.I do use revenge as one of my payback to others.Yes.Now you know how mean i am.Don’t play with me.I am not a toy.

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