Monday, August 17, 2009

Nissan Skyline GTR35 or Nissan 370z?

Oh gosh.Now officially Nissan 370z are in Malaysia! :D Not the GT-R? (Ahhh~) But actually i hate this car.I like 350z more then 370z.Because 370z looks ugly and fugly.Sorry to say.It does.But then the GTR is still not officially being launched in Malaysia.Sad huh?The rawr car is still not being officially launched?Sad sad sad~ Nissan!Edaran Tan Chong!!Comeon man~ Do something about it~ Come on! (macam aku je yang nak beli keta ni kalau officially launched pun.haha.duit tak de lagi)

Ugh.Nanti type lagi.I have to go to Irfan’s house. :D



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