Sunday, August 9, 2009


Ah.Ramadhan is just around the corner. :) Another 11days to go perhaps? :) Well,it’s been a year.Wow.Last year’s Ramadhan was the best ever.Had sahur at section 15 Bangi with friends.Lepaking and talking,chit chatting and all.This year it was all different.I have my Irfan in my life now and it will be a different situation here.Can’t wait to buka puasa with him.Maybe terawikh and all. :) Or perhaps buka puasa with friends as well.Zati and Dayan perhaps?With our boyfriends? :) Lets arrange something real soon.

After Ramadhan it will be Syawal.Oh oh Hari Raya is just around the corner too.But thinking bout it makes me feel scared.I don’t know why but I just feel scared when Hari Raya is around.Maybe the most scariest news that we could heard or read is during Ramadhan month,leading to Hari Raya.Accidents,landslides and all those scary things.I don’t want to loose someone important right now.I am not in a good shape/condition to loose someone important.You name it,families,friends.I just can’t right now.So im hoping that nothing bad will happen this year.

Happy Fasting everybody! :)


  1. selamat berpuasa juga..nnt kite spend a weekend buka sesama dgn minah jonggeng fau..tak sbr sebenrnya aku nk sambut, n yes takot juga as u said..hopefully kadar kemalangan kali ni berkurang.T.T

  2. Yana!Jom kita buka puasa sama.aku nak kita buka puasa sama2 jugak.tak kira tak kira.wajib okeh! :D Itulah.time2 bulan puasa la yang dengar banyak gila berita2 malang.haih.takut jugak~


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