Saturday, August 22, 2009

Someone calls me a BITCH.

Hey babe.I know,Ainn.Hehe.You never like me before and I know it for sure.But then you are this one pathetic asshole girl who likes to ramble things around and say that you are not the one WE should be blame for.Oh babe,i think you know what am i going to say.A bitch or not.I don’t actually care what you are labelling me now or before.Because you are one simple disaster example that i could say to all my kids later.Do not be like you.

Disasterrrr.Such an A**Hole.

Smile always babe!haha.Gotcha!


  1. ouch...seems u r in a very bad mood..neway, take dis simple since we r celebrating ramadhan..forgive n forget(if u could)..neway,hepi fasting

  2. Nurul Iman: Im not in a bad mood.actually i suka orang kata i macam2. :) So that i could fire back and laugh at them.hehe.of course,forgive and FORGET.

    happy fasting to you too!!! :D

  3. Bukan ain kita Syu.hehe.Ain boobies tu tak mungkin la nak buat perangai tak senonoh cam ni.hehe~

    Ni ainn serdang.aha

    seperti kata irfan.

  4. ohh. kecut perut sebentar. ingat ain boobies? hahaa. marah minah tu nanti. eh dee, ra nnti ajak ain skali. bkn ain borhan tu la.

  5. ha~ mari mari RA next week kan syu?Best ni.Tak sabar nak g.Hehe.Tahun ni kurang activities.hehe.Tapi tak pe.Ajak skali Ain Boobies.hahaha.Dah jadi Ain Boobies tak :P

    Ain Borhan tu boleh go to somewhere else.tak payah nak ikut g RA.hehe. :D

  6. even though this story da menarik sungguh...hahahaha


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