Saturday, September 5, 2009


I am always misunderstood by people.All i want to do is just to settle down the problems that i am having and then you can do what ever that you want to do.But then people said that i need them because i want to talk to them.Hello?I’ve been abandoned before and i don’t care if you can’t stay up late for me.I’ve been alone like every night and you were not even there to accompany me.I don’t care at all.Because i know,you can’t sacrifice for me not even a little.I will do the same for you,you’ll see that.Giving excuses and all.I will do exactly what you did to me.Ever heard of REVENGE?Well,i am thinking of doing it now.

I am not a heartless person and do not ever treat me like one.I hate mindless people and heartless people.Ah,or maybe i should be like one?Just care about me and not others?Yeah.Maybe I should do that sometimes.So that people will know,they will feel what i feel *again,REVENGE* haha.

And again,i am full with revenge.That is the evil side of me i guess.I can do revenge anytime anywhere anyhow.Even without I’m realising it.It is like,I’m way too believe in karma.They say what goes around,comes around.Either not me who do the revenge,it is God.So,i guess the world is fair enough.Hehe.Now I’m happy! :D


  1. aku sgt suka ayat "REVENGE"tu..
    hahaha..kau paham kan?=)

  2. Hahahahaha..sebab tu aku highlight kan kat :D

    Faham sangat dah!haha. XD

  3. what u give,u get back.kan?kan?kan?


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