Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Dear Komet ;

This post is entirely about Komet,my cat who died yesterday whom I will be miss,dearly.

Dear Komet;

I first met Komet in the year 1998.I was in standard 6.She was wandering around my backyard.My mum loves her so much because of her color.And at that time i still remember,she was afraid of people.My mum try so hard to be friend with her.She gave her food,drinks and a place to stay.Nearly one month,Komet finally got attached to my family.I love her that time.Because she was beautiful.She was like half Persian,half British cat.I like her fur.

With Komet being my pet was more like being my little brother.Although Komet was actually a female cat,i like to assume that Komet is a he.I play with him,make jokes,laugh,talk and even say him ‘Komet bodo’ a million times i guess.And I still can remember how Komet would react whenever I say ‘Komet bodo..Komet bodo’.He would give me the ‘look’.The look that looks like he’s saying ‘If only I was as big as you,I would eat you straight away!’ Hehe.I am going to miss that ‘look’ of course.

Komet once got lost.That was in the year 2001.When I was in form three.I have the morning session of school and usually before i go to school,Komet would eat breakfast with me.But this one day,he was not there.I opened the back door and searched for him but he was not there.I started to cry and I can still remember,my mum scolded me for crying.I am not in the mood for one whole day at school.When I got back from school,mum told me that Komet is at home.He arrived safely.So I am ok after that.Life resume as normal as it could get.In this year too,Izzati would come to my house to study for our PMR.And Izzati was so afraid of Komet.Komet would come to her feet while we were sitting on the chair and wiggle his tail to her feet.Izzati was afraid because she feels that something tickling her feet.Actually,Komet was afraid of people that he don’t know or not familiar with.He would run to the back or into the store room if there are any visitor that come to my house.

Komet and I have something in common.We both are afraid of lightning and we both would go and hide inside the store room if it’s raining with lightning outside.It was like,me and him together always.Like brothers and sisters.

Komet can understand what my mum says.He’s cleaver.Totalty cleaver.He could understand what people say and do.Although he seldom speaks *or miow should I say* but, he’s brilliant and intelligent.He knows when people are going to trick him,he knows when people hate him and he knows when people wants him to be around.

I seldom see Komet after my SPM years.It is because I am packed with PLKN and after that my university years started.I stay inside campus.But,when I come home,I would see Komet first.I will eat my food in front of the TV set and he would come,showing his hands,asking for some.He knows how to ask food from people.Oh I am going to miss that now.

I know Komet’s favourite meals are.Nasi,Ikan goreng with Gulai Ikan.That’s his fave.And the Whiskers Pockets flavoured Chicken & Tuna.And that was the one who made his fur smells really really bad!I am going to miss that smell.No more buying Chicken & Tuna after this.Going to miss that moment too.

When I take a bath,Komet would come inside my room and stay in front of my toilet door.Waiting for me to open it and give him a pail of water.He will then drink the water with curious face,looking at me.Komet was afraid of the dark and close doors.I always tricked him by leaving him alone in the kitchen at night and run as fast as i could to the front and then close the kitchen door but still,my eye could see him.He then come nearly to the door,trying to open it with his hands and once I opened the door for him,he would run to the front.Oh so penakut lah kamu ni,Komet. :)

Raya is coming nearly, I remember always after Raya, after I got my Raya money I would go to the pet shop and buy Komet a new neck’s bell.I bought last year.A new ones.Red velvety color.This year,I don’t have to buy for him anymore and this sucks.

Dear Komet;

Although I always had a fight with you,but that doesn’t mean that I hate you.I am treating you as one of my siblings.You are my little brother,always and forever.I miss quarrelling with you.Sorry for hurting your feelings *cats have feelings fact,all animals have feelings*.I know,I always don’t let you sleep on my laptop bag every night.You have your own space right?On the yellow chair,the right side.It’s always yours.It still have your little dusts on it.

I will be missing you here.No more partner in crime to play hide and seek,to play door tricks and to be my partner for quarrelling.

I lost a little brother.

You will always be remembered and loved,Komet.By me,mami and appa.And all the people who knows you.Rest in Peace.

Love you.

Komet n remote~ Amet komet Komet bwleak2


  1. :(

    im touched.all cats go to heaven.usah bersedih sangat ya ya.

  2. Komet is so cute..i lost a few cats myself..yg paling x tahan is the wait for it to be over T_T

    my condolences.most ppl cakap "nape kucing mati pun nak nangis?" well, senang cakap they don't know what it's like.

  3. Amin: Ya.walaupun english aku tunggang langgang time type ni sebab air mata bergenang tapi aku gagahkan jua.Sangat sedih skali.

    Ewa: Thanks Ewa.Yeah.They dont know how it feels.I don't know if i could actually lead my life the way it is now.Susah.Coz everything that i see,i see him.haih.kucing mati memang nangis.lagi2 the ones yang u bela nak dekat 10 tahun.

  4. dulu ada kucing aku hilang brape jam pun aku dh nangis2.lagila klau mati..

  5. uish.tu ah aku komet ni dulu ada hilang satu hari tu.aku dah mati ni,isk.tak tau la aku.nangis tak brenti2 la.

  6. So sorry 4 ur loss babe...huuuuuu


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