Tuesday, September 8, 2009

iPod Touch (iTouch) 3rd generation.

I’ve heard that the iTouch 3rd gen will have a camera built in it.Wah.Like this i change my wish list from iPhone to iTouch 3rd gen instead!haha.Know why i want to buy those ‘brilliant’ iPhone?Because it has camera in it and i could just snap pictures and upload it straight away to my lovely Facebook accounts *i have two accounts of facebook*.I don’t look for the calling function that much.But since the 3rd gen iTouch will have a camera on,no more iPhone for me.Bye bye!

So now for those who wants to buy iPhone, go ahead!I’m not jealous of you guys anymore!wek wek!haha. :P Yey yey.Can’t wait for the new iTouch 3rd gen.Come to mummy! :D


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