Thursday, September 10, 2009

Switchfoot :D

Im going to hide my version of Switchfoot Mess of Me CD today!Hehe.Together with Syu and Irfan.Our mission will be placed inside KLCC.Which store?We don’t have any clue yet.Just have to wait and see.I’ll tweet and twitpic it later! :)

Can’t wait.

Oh ya btw,if you are interested in this thing,just follow @Switchfoot to know the details and where in Malaysia the CD’s are hidden.If you found the CD,you could just take it and you are part of the hidden Switchfoot CDs! :D


  1. wei are you serious that you can hide ur CD and then just take it if you find one .....if i have a CD then i just hide it and people find it ? aku tak rugi ker LOL

  2. Haha.Deviki.Kinda merugikan lah.Except if you can find one CD in return.LOL.But im just doing it for the fun only.haha.Boring lah babe at home.haha

  3. dee ada org dh jmpe kt cd dee?
    syu punya kat kino 1 dah jmpe. yg syu hid bila dee ngn irfan blk dh. btw, switchfoot RT lagi tweet syu. harap2 yg itu org jmpe juga.


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