Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Yeah!Finally I’ve changed the color of my blog. :) Back to basics,Black,Purple,Red.My most fave colors of all time,thank you.Hehe.

Why I like to use 3 columns so much?I don’t have a clue actually.Maybe because I don’t want to depend on just one column for all the links and things.Hehe.Biarlah serabut pun i do not care.If you don’t like my blog then just don’t read it.LOLZ. XD

Well,if im hardworking enuff,maybe i’ll do one template of my simple and nice template.Right now,i dah malas nak buat.Haha.Let it be this way for another one year.kot.haha.

Till then,thanks for reading my blog!


  1. this one's better.prolly sebab aku mmg suka kaler gelap kot.

  2. aha.aku pun suka kaler gelap.kalau ada putih nampak macam terlalu berserabutttt sangat.haha.


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