Friday, October 2, 2009

Another story of mine.

Actually,there are a lot of things that people don’t know about me.They sometimes only see the negative side of me but they never tend to see the bright side of me.I actually do have a bright side,okeh people.

Altho i might sounds EMO all the time,hating people and stuff,actually i am the most hardest person to hate someone.I only hated someone if they REALLY REALLY hurt my feelings and put a deep impact on my life.The ones who ruined the bright side of me.And that one i will shall hate,forever i guess.

But,the bright side of me is that i am very talkative.Haha.And i tend to laugh at most times!I know it might sounds silly but yeah.Aku suka ketawa.Ada apa masalah?People who laugh,tend to look young.Ye ke?Haha. :P It’s like a some sort of a free treatment for someone who wants to look young.So,laugh people!Laugh!Haha.

Mas.kapan kau pulang?Haha. :P (Tiba-tiba je kan?)


  1. aku nk balik la ni~
    damn~cant wait to go back
    fuck perth!fuck aussie~
    hahaha..gile racist

  2. Hahahahaha..tak pe la racist.
    mana ada orang aussie baca blog aku dah.haha. :D


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