Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Bad man! Bad man!

Hi all.I’m fine how about you? I must say that today has been interesting to me.Hehe.Woke up kinda early and went to eat at McD BSD.Then,went back home.Smsed Irfan while he was in class.He’s complaining about the students inside his class.Dia kata ramai orang hitam aka the N people. ;) Macam semua All Blacks.Hehe.Then,i told him im going to One Utama kot later.Shop shop shop!Tak boleh tak shop.haha.

At One U,i bought the Lemony Snickets DVD.Original OK! Haha.Has been finding this story for so damn long and there’s this one CDs/DVDs shop at the Old wing of OU,the one that replaced Tower Records there.Hehe.Memang ada.Wargh.Rm29.90.Beli!Haha.Then,i bought my Nokia battery that i wanted for so long too.Hehe.For RM88 at Novacell.Beli je lah.Dari asik kena charge je macam gampang.Cakap 5 minit dah habis bateri hp ku.Macam mana tu kan? :D Lega after i bought that battery.So now tengah charge it for 8 hours!Haha.Rasa macam beli hp baru.LOL.That was the most expensive thing kot that i bought today.Haha.Duit raya ada,beli je lah kan.Part yang simpan,dah simpan,part yang nak guna,sedang digunakan dengan sebaik mungkin.Hehe. :D

I miss Irfan. XD

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