Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I am thinking of buying this one side table from IKEA.Costs around RM40 if not mistaken.I think i’m going to buy that table next week.Sayang,will you help me out next week?Can we go to IKEA and find me a table?Cause I want to put my laptop on that table.From now on,i want to surf the net upstairs. (hurm,not now.maybe after i had bought my side table).

Cant wait to use that room and pretend it to be my room.Haha. :D Love it Love it Love it.but still,i can’t sleep in that room.It’s too dense and hot.

Huargh!~ So mengantuk lah today.I can’t sleep yesterday. >.<


*This is the IKEA side table.Simple and it must be white in colour,purleese!*

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