Thursday, October 1, 2009

IKEA hunting.

I went to IKEA just now (yesterday) for some furniture hunting.HAHA.My mom wants to buy a bed,a mattress,2 wardrobes,a dressing table and a shelf.Wow.Too many right?All costs around RM4K.Finally i get my own wardrobe!Yummy!Going to buy all of that stuff this Friday!Hehe.

Yay yay!Finally I can have my own wardrobe.and room,perhaps. :)

So,after hunting those furniture,dad wants to eat at IKEA’s food court.We all went there,each have meatballs and mum ate their potatoes.Then,after going out from the food court,i felt someone held my hand.I turned back and it was Shera Aiyob!My friend from TV3.Oh haven’t met her like ages!!She look so cute now.Of course,she’s a personality now.Hehe.She hosts Wanita Hari Ini every Monday. :) She saw me first so she says Hi.We haven’t got much time to talk as im out with my parents and she was with her friends just now.Perhaps one day we could talk.At Jom Heboh maybe? :)

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