Monday, October 12, 2009

Man that i used to like.

Boyzone-in-1997-l-r-Ronan-001 gateley_61106a i heard a very sad news on the was about a man,from Boyzone,died.and i did not manage to hear the name of the guy,but the radio DJ keeps saying Keith so i thought it was Keith.

Then,when i opened up my twitter yesterday,i saw someone twitted RIP Stephen Gately.I was like,What?Stephen Gately died?No.Yes.He does.He died on a very mysterious way.He had a drink last Friday night and then died on Saturday morning and people don’t know how did he died.

I used to go crazy over this Stevo (that is his pet name where his mum and dad used to call him).He was the first gay man that i know.I mean,i learnt the word GAY from him.Thanks for that Stevo.I like him in Boyzone.I don’t know why.Maybe i am attracted to cute guys (before i know he was actually gay).he can sing high notes,and his voice are kinda small but high pitchy.

He came here,to Malaysia in the year 2000 or 2001 if im not mistaken.I went to see him face to face actually.He had a meet and greet session at One Utama Tower Records (it used to be the best record shop ever at OU back then) and went there with Arina and my mum.My dad send us there and he went to play golf at the Bandar Utama golf course.It was such a good day for me.I gave him a keychain.Actually it wasn’t intended for him but i thought that i just have to give him something,so i gave a keychain that wrote his name on it.the wooden keychain.i got his first solo album signed and a shock from his hands.

After that,i used to have a file,that is full with Boyzone stuff.I used to buy those UK teen magazine and cut all the posters and pictures about Boyzone and put it inside this one file.Then,the file became two files. :) My mission on that time was to give the file to Boyzone.Haha.what an ambitious little pathetic girl.haha.i think i still have that file.i will upload the pictures of that file later.

Well,Mr. Stephen Gately.You will be missed,dearly.Actually,the day before your dead,i actually sang your song,New Beginning.Was mumbling it the whole day.I never thought that it was like some sort of a sign,that you are no longer will be alive.Miss you,Stevo.Greatly missed.


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