Monday, October 19, 2009

Presenting the presenter,Anfaal Dhiyana! :)

Well well well.I went to see Ms. Masyura today.After nearly 2 months i did not meet her.Because of the fasting and raya month.So,today i showed to her what i have done for the past 2 months.Nothing much tho,just a video that me and Irfan shoot and my system running well.

I need to make some changes to the video part.Oh yes sayang,we need to add one part of me,holding the tools and sort of like showing each and every tools that we need for changing tyres.And i have to shoot another video for lighting,like signals,head light,break,reverse and all.So,going to shoot that video next week maybe.This week,all i need is to change the buttons and make some animation for all the subtitle,tyre,engines,and lights. ;) Some simple ones.So that my information archive does not look so static,full with texts and static pictures.oh yes i know fact i really worried about that tho. :) good i do not have to think about my FYP for a while tonight. ;)


  1. Hey anfaal, why don't you post the video here when it's ready?

    It'll be nice to c the work done by u guys =)
    Anyway, good luck dudes.

  2. Hunky:

    Haha.well.we'll see~ we'll see.haha

  3. Oh yeah.thanks for the luck wish! :D


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