Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Ugly but Truth.

So okay,saw the movie already.And it was not to say bad but not way too awesome too.It was okay.But love the humour part of it.Gerard Butler and Katherine Heigl really did a good job back then.I love Katherine.She’s natural and cute and funny and has this ‘I-am-beautiful-but-i-can-also-do-stupid-face’ face. :P She’s beautiful,purely.

Overall,i rate this movie,8 over 10.It was superb actually.But loads of cuts here and there.Biasalah,censored. :) I have already asked Irfan to download that movie,the uncut ones.Can’t wait to watch it again.

Oh yeah,i want to watch MONGOL movie again as well. :)

I have completed nearly 65% of my FYP2 now.Why 65%?Well,i have to change a couple of bits here and there.And I manage to change it tonight,the button part and some design part that Irfan had suggested me to do some alteration.

Wish me luck guys on my FYP2 this semester.Thanks a lot.

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