Sunday, November 1, 2009

* Big Grin * comparison.


That would probably be me,doing that right now and still,i don’t know why.Haha.Maybe i am feeling kinda insecure right now.Why so?Please,don’t ask.Thank You.

Sometimes,heart lies.We tend to not to think about it but that is when our heart will take control and ruined everything.Do not trust your heart when you are dealing with jealousy.And things that had happened in the past,do not bring forward it back without a reason.Especially regarding with the one about what you did to your ex and not to your current ones.

Ya know,we tend to compare our self with the ex’s and then trying to find out why we did not get the same thing or better like the ex’s.Actually,i do compare.Sorry to say but yeah.I compare.Myself to others.I compare every single thing.But then,that is not healthy at all.We can’t compare our self with others,especially the ex’s.Sometimes,i do think that his ex’s are much more better then me,much more prettier then me,much more good then me.And that is why he can do anything to them compare to me.See,comparison?Like the Katy Perry’s song ‘Comparisons are easily done once you,had a taste of perfection’. I never had a taste of something ‘perfection’ before.And that is why,perhaps why,i compare myself with others and let all the negative side to be on me and see all the good things on others.Even on the Evil ones.

I wish the world will be a better place to live and i love my boyfriend! :)

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  1. bb .. u way much better than my ex la.. u have everything i want.. luv u forever.. lavayana <3 kiss kiss hug hug XXOO

  2. Love you too muahx! :)

    kiss kiss big hug big hug! :D


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