Thursday, November 5, 2009

Chuaks! @_@

Oh my.The timetable for FYP2 presentation is out today! And i saw mine already.Watta?It’s been like 8 months already since my last presentation?Oh my my how time flies!

My presentation day is on Wednesday,18th of November at 12 Noon.Watta?At Noon?I am sure the panels would be very hungry at that time.And moody as well i should say.Argh!But still can’t wait for my day to come.Oh my i just want this to end.FYP to end and then perhaps working?Oh.Work.I don’t want to.I still want to study.Learn.Have a second degree.But for sure my dad will never want to support me later.

Discussion will be done later.Now,i need to focus on my presentation!


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