Monday, November 2, 2009

Conti from the last post.. Past.

Everybody has their own past experiences.Everybody has their own history to tell.I have mine.A lot of stories about me and my past.A lot had happened.And he (Irfan) knows almost everything because i kept repeating it every single time.HAHA.I bet he’s already gone bored with it.

I love sharing stories with him.I don’t know about him but when i started to tell a story about my past,i tend to get excited.Because this is when i can express my feelings (hated,loved,disguise,disgusting etc) to him.Through my stories.

I have some terrible past.Which i don’t want it to be happen again in the future.Good ones too which i will cherish it up until the rest of my life.It is hard,without history,i will never ended up like this.

I just hope that he (Irfan) will never get bored of me,always telling stories about my past.As actually i have to tell stories about the present and perhaps,future.

I love hearing about people’s past stories too.I don’t know why though.Maybe it is because we tend to tell the bad ones always.When it comes to the telling stories about our past,we tend to tell those how stupid we look back in the ages,how we tend to break the school ‘fly’ records without getting ANY detention (!haha),how we are in the loser group and the hot stuff group will never be friend with us ; you know,stories like that.I love to hear about the ex’s too.Haha.Weird?Nah.I don’t think so.But why do i love to hear about the ex’s?I have no idea actually.I think it was just a story and those Ex’s are just stupid enough to dump such man.Haha.In your face,EX’s! :P

Well,I watched the Time Travellers Wife today.At first,it was kinda blur and confusing.Much much confusing.They did not tell what it is,how is it the travellers travel,when,what occurs him to travel and so on.But,the storyline was okay,and like i said,a little bit confusing.Eric Bana is not that hot compared to Gerard Butler tho but still,i like his hair. :)

And last but not the least, I love my boyfriend. Oh this time i am going to add ; FOREVER.

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