Friday, November 20, 2009


Well.Nothing much to say.

After all the struggle and waiting at last,

I managed to get a PASS for my FYP presentation!

Yahoo!! Hehe.

Thanks for all who supports me,never endingly

For my bf Ariff Irfan, thanks for helping me ALL THE WAY THROUGH.


My supervisor Ms Masyura, thank you so very much for the help and never endingly giving up on me. I tried my best and now i owe everything to you! Nanti saya belanja makan ye. :)


Thank you to Sir T.J for all the helping hand you gave me.Thank you so much Sir and I owe you too! :) Later saya belanja makan jugak la ye.Thanks you Sir,again.

To all my friends who came to my FYP presentation, Yana Saidi and Muntaz,thank youa lot for your undying support babes! :) Tak lupa juga untuk Amat yang tiba2 masuk dalam bilik dan tengok aku present video tukar tayar tu.HAHA. :P


For my family for believing in me.Thank you mami and appa.Thanks a lot for the freedom you gave me to do my FYP anywhere with any help.Now i hope i made you proud. <3


Thank you a million!



  1. u deserve for all the efforts lah. kan aku dh ckp tade bnda yg bole buat kita gagal melainkan tak buat apa-apa isnt it?

    eh tu "appa" ke papa..cian ayah kau jadi appa.hahahhaha

  2. yana.. memang kite panggil ayah dier appa la.. ishk, apo gelak2 nih..

  3. eh yeke? ko saje nk kna kan aku kan? tipu..i know she call her dad "papa".


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