Thursday, November 19, 2009

Irfan’s birthday celebration!

It has been a while right? Since my last update on Monday morning.I have been really really busy since Monday up until yesterday,doing my FYP2 presentation.Alhamdulillah,i Passed. :) At last.I don’t want to talk about FYP in this thread as this one is dedicated just for my sayang Irfan for his birthday celebration last Monday.

We celebrated his birthday on top of the KL Tower.At Restoran Seri Melayu KL Tower, the revolving restaurant.We arrived at KL Tower nearly 45 mins earlier. The restaurant only open to the public to have lunch there at 12pm. So we waited at the lobby of KL Tower. Looking at those rombongan dari sekolah and the tourists. There are even flying fox there for those who loves to fly like a fox.watta? hehe.nah.sapa yang tak puas main flying fox ka plkn dulu,come and try at KL Tower.hehe. :P

Then,sharp 12pm we took our ticket which has our  table number there and then went up to the revolving restaurant.We were the first customer to arrive! yey! After we had our table and ordered our drinks, we started to take foods from the buffet table.Ada macam2 and i just can’t list down all of them. What i remembered i took are rendang daging, broccoli, nasi beriani and loads more! We eat and eat and eat! haha. We were there nearly an hour and a half,one 360 degree of revolving and we saw KL from 360 degree.

I just had the best day ever.And i hope so Irfan had his best day too. :)

Pictures time!

IMG_1282 IMG_1284 IMG_1298 IMG_1233 IMG_1251 IMG_1254 IMG_1269 IMG_1276

*Happy Birthday sayangness!*


  1. hehe, mesti la hari yg paling bessstttt skali.. mane ade org penah buat camni lagi kat syg.. hehe.. kalo berpeluang la, syg nak suruh org tu repair motor platform tu supaya laju skit.. hehe, kira 5 minit satu pusingan.. or 1 minit satu pusingan..

  2. Syg: bagus lah kalau best.takut macam membosankan saja.Kalau platform tu laju.tak best lah.nak tengok luar pun tak de selera nanti.

    Kak Nysa: Thanks!!! hehehe


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