Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Love or Money?

Aha.This one is kinda interesting.I know and i bet,all (most) of you would say that without money,there’s no love.Does it mean that we could ‘buy’ love or feelings?I don’t think so.

I have told this one friend of mine (used to be a friend and more than that) that i don’t go for money.Money does not excite me as love does. (Please be clear here love does not mean “Making Love” okay!) And it is hard to find REAL LOVE that does not involve money nowadays.I only know a friend of mine that has real love over money (although she has both actually) but real love excites her more than money.See guys,us girls we don’t look for money as our first priority. (maybe some,does but me and my friends NO).So don’t judge us just because your ex girlfriend wants you to give more money to her when both of you are so damn in love.HAHA.Oh ya,this post has nothing to do with Irfan.He’s a good guy.He pleasures me with money even though i did not ask for it.Hehe. :P

Well,find love first,then cherish it with money. ;)

Adios amigos to all the MONEY LOVERS out there!


*My money maker and love,afterall*

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